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What is an Horeca product? Detailed explanation

Horeca product

Have you ever come across the term Horeca, or have you ever heard of a Horeca product? Most likely yes, for example if you have activities related to food service.  In this article we will explain the meaning of this word, and we will delve into the sector to which it is associated. This term can also be written HoReCa, HORECA (therefore all caps) or Ho.Re.Ca. First of all, we specify that Ho.Re.Ca, whatever the way it is written, is an acronym for Hotel, Restaurant & Cafè (Cafè can also be replaced by the word Catering), thus identifies the specific accommodation facilities to which supplies of services and food products are addressed.

It is precisely in this last sector that the Parcfood company operates, dedicating a large part of its gastronomic production activity to these compartments.

Certainly, in Italy, Horeca identifies a particularly profitable market, also given the tourist vocation of our country; a market that is not mainly aimed at private customers (even if it includes catering, a service that can also be requested from home), but at B2B (Business to Business) realities. An Horeca product means every good is sold in these channels of distribution, like hotels and restaurants. 

Horeca product according to Parcfood: high quality guarantee in a wholesale distribution

Parcfood is a company that for several years has been producing foods for a consistent distribution, always guaranteeing their high quality. Our concept of Horeca products is to provide traditional Italian dishes, made with a great care, from the search for the best raw materials to the dedication reserved in every step of food production.

The chefs who work for us prepare recipes not only appetizing even for the most demanding palates, but also with the right balance between the ingredients, which respects the original recipes.

The Horeca sector is highly competitive, and our success in this area derives from the constant search for impeccable quality of each of our Horeca products. We have been working with this philosophy since 2003, and in the future we will continue to offer and expand our production following the same principles.

More and more operators in the Horeca sector choose Parcfood, and this is a fundamental incentive for us that accompanies our growth.

Horeca products

The Parcfood philosophy: customer satisfaction always comes first

Our company has as its first objective the satisfaction of its customers.

For this reason we prepare our dishes following the highest hygiene standards, combining the genuineness of craftsmanship with the use of latest generation machinery.

Any of our Horeca products, from potato croquettes to bocconcini all’ascolana, from supplì to sauces, arrives punctually at destination and fresh, bringing with its flavors that represent the typicality of the Italian culinary tradition, also enhancing its historical and cultural values.

It is no coincidence that Italian cuisine is among the most famous in the world, and the dishes we offer are up to it.

If you are an operator in the Horeca sector, we invite you to contact us to ask us all the questions you want, to verify that our gastronomic offer can meet the needs of your company, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel, a bar or other accommodation business.

We will respond to every request, in order to give exhaustive informations on every aspect of our business that you wish to deepen.

In any case, choosing us means being able to count on a reliable reality, a guarantee of quality from every point of view.