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One of the our most requested food: Frozen Meatballs

Frozen Meatballs - Polpette

The gastronomic offer of our company Parcoof wants to be characterized by an extreme quality in the preparation and use of carefully selected raw materials. We are proud of our growth, which rewards the production of dishes that best interpret the culinary tradition of our country. One of the dishes that continues to achieve the most success are our frozen meatballs, which contain foods of both animal and vegetable origin, wrapped in a crunchy breading.

Ideal for an aperitif, they can also be a successful second course, since meatballs provide a fair amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in a proper balance.

Meatballs frozen

What is the story behind our frozen meatballs?

Meat and vegetable balls have a distant origin that leads us to the Middle East. The most accredited hypothesis, in fact, traces their birth in Persia, and then sees their spread in the Arab world and then in Europe. In Persia they were called “kofta”, a reference to the term “koofteh” (crushed meat); in Arabic and then Spanish cuisine, they were identified with the word “bonâdiq”. They soon became an international dish, established in our country as well as in other countries of Europe.

This expansion has certainly contributed to all the possible variations in the preparation of this dish (really many), whose genuine ingredients are easily available.

In Italy, from North to South, the dishes based on meatballs are many and all with flavors that evoke the goodness of the various components: for their preparation can be used meat, vegetables, spices, eggs, cheese, lentils, raisins, onions, various aromas.. just as an example. 

They can be fried, but also prepared without the use of oil or butter; they are quite quick and simple to prepare, especially in more traditional recipes.

Frozen Meat balls

Parcofood frozen meatballs: quality of taste and care at every stage of their preparation

Parcfood has its “polpette” among the most popular dishes. Our recipe involves the use of carefully chosen foods, because they are decisive in guaranteeing excellent quality to our food.

Here are our ingredients:

  • beef
  • pork
  • onions
  • spinach
  • carrots

With these ingredients our excellent chefs prepare a tasty dough, which is then covered with a crunchy breading. Our frozen meatballs maintain in any case freshness and the same flavors of a freshly prepared food. They can be requested frozen, pre-fried and frozen, pre-fried in a protective atmosphere. In this last case, they will be inserted into special trays, inside the main box.

On a nutritional level, as mentioned above, our meatballs allow a supply of 17 g of protein per 100g of product.

We are talking about a dish that can be eaten as an integral part of a main meal, such as lunch or dinner; in the same way it can also be successfully served for buffets and during aperitifs.

Contact us for more informations on our frozen meatballs, as well as for our other products that are part of our production, such as arancini and potato croquettes.

We will be happy to provide further news about the gastronomic offer of the Parcfood brand, which has established itself as a leading reality in the Italian sector of wholesale food.