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Wholesale italian food: not only a work but our best passion

Italian genuine food

Parcfood is now a recognized and highly appreciated brand in the field of wholesale Italian food. Since 2003 it has been supplying fresh gastronomic products, first aimed at the points of sale of the Santa Rita Group to which it belongs, and then at other realities such as supermarkets, restaurant chains and food distributors. In recent years Parcfood’s work has broadened, increasing its productivity and at the same time maintaining a guarantee of quality always at a high level. In our food we want to transfer the flavors of the Italian culinary tradition, to offer our customers the best taste experience.

Our concept of wholesale Italian food, our strengths

Often, when we refer to the term “wholesale”, we think of realities that care more about quantity than quality: nothing could be further from our conception of work, since we spend a lot of care and the same attention on every food we make. Every recipe is a challenge and a form of research for us, so we cannot associate our activity with something merely industrial. For this reason, we select the best chefs for the creation of our culinary proposals, who pay the utmost attention to every step of food preparation.

Whether they are Arancini or Bocconcini all’ascolana, Supplì or Meat and vegetable balls, or other delights for the palate, we want to better interpret the gastronomic tradition of our Italy, so rich and varied. In our production we are supported by cutting-edge machinery, but the human component in the processing of these dishes is never lacking. Our wholesale Italian food is always conceived with an artisanal component, present at every stage of food preparation.

Wholesale italian food

Not only the best food, but prepared as if it were in your kitchen

To offer the highest quality to our many customers, we use only raw materials that have passed a very careful selection. We want to give a taste experience equivalent to that of a food prepared in your own kitchen, with attention to detail and the genuineness of the products.

In our proposals we put the passion and enthusiasm of those who consider cooking an art, which must never lack a pinch of experimentation together with the right combination of flavors, respecting the original recipes. For this reason, we can say that we at Parcfood consider our wholesale Italian food not only a job, but a passion that wants to best interpret the meaning of Made in Italy.

It is no coincidence that Italian cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world: it combines the goodness of raw materials with its landscapes, its extraordinary cities, hamlets and its millenary history.

Eating our products means taking part in this beauty, sharing experiences and perceiving in the taste of the dishes many aspects that characterize our country.

Meat and vegetable balls

Wholesale Italian food: why choose Parcfood

In this article, we have illustrated the principles that distinguish our business and that animate it. Our role in the field of wholesale Italian food is growing and affirming itself in the market linked to catering. In the future we will enrich our culinary proposals with other recipes, always with a view to offering the best combinations of taste that best represent Italian cuisine.

Passion and research continue to be a must for us in our work, and Parcfood wants to continue to be a brand of excellence, synonymous with the highest quality.

Choosing us and therefore our products, means relying on a high-level producer, which guarantees the utmost goodness in taste, the result of extreme attention in the choice of the best ingredients and their processing.