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Arancini cacio e pepe: a tasty variety of this street food

Italian cuisine is extremely rich in flavors and often experiments with new combinations in its recipes. This is the case of our reinterpretation, “arancini cacio e pepe”. Arancini are a typical dish of the Sicilian culinary tradition: tasty fried rice timbales that may contain meat, ham, vegetables such as spinach and many other ingredients. With a characteristic pear shape, they can also appear as round or oval, depending on the region where they are made. From Sicily, in fact, arancini have become a widespread street food in many parts of Italy, and more versions have been established concerning their preparation.

Arancini cacio e pepe, that is the interpretation of a traditional Roman dish

The arancini cacio e pepe are an excellent example of how Italian cuisine can interpret more culinary traditions. As well as arancini are a street food that has its roots in Sicily (although they can be found in practically all parts of Italy), “pasta cacio e pepe” is one of the best known typical dishes of Roman cuisine, which identifies it in the world. Although its composition is apparently simple and with few ingredients, this food is not easy to prepare: in fact, a cream with the right density, not too thick or too dry, must be formed to make a meal that is not too heavy.

Therefore, the preparation times become fundamental and have some precautions, such as not salting the cooking water too much because the seasoned pecorino (the cheese used) is already quite savory. The pepper must be well chopped to blend well with the cheese grated. In addition, it is used to serve the pasta just ready and hot, immediately after seasoning it in a pan with pecorino and pepper.

How was this dish born?

Its origin draws from the customs of the shepherds. During their movements with the flocks, they brought and used foods such as cheese and peppercorns that do not perish quickly. Its goodness and its essentiality have helped to maintain the tradition of its preparation, making sure to become a symbol of Roman cuisine.

The arancini cacio e pepe meets its flavor, enhancing its taste and combining it with the Sicilian tradition’s flavors.

A culinary goodness for many occasions

We have seen that the arancini cacio e pepe are a variant of one of the most famous Sicilian street foods, now exported to many regions of Italy. In an arancino cacio e pepe, you will find rice instead of pasta, combined in most cases with Parmesan, a cheese often used together with pecorino.  Everything will be covered with the usual frying typical of arancini, made with oil, eggs, flour and breadcrumbs.

Arancini cacio e pepe will satisfy the palates on any type of occasion, from the most formal (such as a business aperitif) to the most carefree (for example, a birthday party). They are perfect for buffets! This recipe, which blends Sicilian flavors with Roman tradition, is suitable for both adults and children, even those who have a difficult appetite.

A delicious variant of arancino, perfect not only to be consumed as street food, but also as a course in a lunch or dinner, for example as a tasty appetizer. Our arancini cacio e pepe are prepared carefully, by the hand of experts according to impeccable hygienic standards of Parcfood and with the highest quality ingredients, genuine and finely selected. 

Although the preparation is industrial, it has maintained the characteristics of the Italian culinary tradition, in order to offer the best tasting experience.  

Customers choose Parcfood exactly for this, to be transported to the most remote Sicilian and Roman neighborhoods, perceiving a timeless sense of local flavors.